Greendale Public Library

CLC Community Meeting Room Reservations

The CLC Community Meeting Room Policy was updated by the Village Board on January 23, 2017. 

Some of the changes made:

  • The CLC Departments- the Greendale Public Library, Park & Rec and the Health Department have priority with use of the room. 
  • A Greendale resident must sign the application and be in attendance of the meeting.
  • The room must be vacated 15 minutes prior to the building closing. 
    • Monday through Thursday: 7:45 meetings must end
    • Friday: 4:45 meetings must end
    • Saturday: 1:45 meetings must end
    • Sunday: 3:45 meetings must end
  • Public groups may only book 90 days in advance
  • Use is limited to 12 times in a calendar year.
  • Groups using the meeting room must check-in and check-out at the Library Service Desk using the check-in/out form.
  • No social activities such as private parties, birthday parties, showers, etc. Non-profit cultural or educational agencies only.

Print the updated policy here.

Printable application here.

Meeting Room Brochure

Directions on How to Request a Room

You are submitting a request for use of the room. You are not guaranteed use of the room. This request is ONLY confirmed when you receive a confirmation email from staff. Please do not share the date with your members until you receive a confirmation email. An application and deposit are required prior to confirmation. Applications and deposits are renewed each calendar year.