Health Department

Health Department

Susan Shepeard, RN, MSN
Health Director/Health Officer

Health Department
5650 Parking Street
Greendale, WI 53129
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Phone: (414) 423-2110
Fax: (414) 858-9111

“We welcome your questions,
suggestions, compliments or criticism.”

Office Hours:
Weekdays. 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

The goal of public health is to promote the highest level of well-being for all groups of people in the community. Greendale Health Department provides a variety of programs and services aimed at preventing or reducing health problems and promoting optimum health for individuals, families, and the community.  Health Department services are available to all residents of the Village of Greendale. 

The role of the Health Department is to: protect against environmental hazards, prevent epidemics and spread of disease, promote and encourage healthy behaviors, respond to disasters and assist in recovery, prevent injuries and protect the community, assure quality and access to health services.

The Health Department partners with many community groups including Step Up to Better Health, a program to encourage exercise and offer opportunities to join in fun, active, healthy activities. 

Vision Statement: A healthy and safe environment for all people who live, work and visit Greendale.  

Mission Statement: The Greendale Health Department assesses the needs of the community, strives to assure access to health services and ensure conditions in which the community can be healthy.

The First Wealth is Health