Outdoor Retail Displays and Sales

The Village Board of Trustees recently enacted ordinance 889 which allows outdoor retail displays and sales for businesses located in the B-1, B-2, B-3 & B-4 Business Districts in the Village.  

The ordinance provides that a business owner may apply for a Temporary Use Permit to install a seasonally themed display or sell merchandise and other products commonly sold by the retailer inside their store.  The new ordinance provides that the use shall be conducted in a specific location on the exterior which does not block or otherwise impede the safe and orderly access into and egress from the retailer’s building.  Previous ordinances prohibited any business activities on the exterior premises of the business.  For further information on this new ordinance, please contact the Department of Inspection Services at 414-423-2100 x-3107.

To see a copy of the ordinance click here.