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Village of Greendale Gallery Night on Broad Street
Exhibitor Application 


*Exhibitor’s Name & Business Name: ______________________*Middle Initial ________ *D.O.B_________

*Contact Name:_______________________________________________________________________

*Mailing Address:_____________________________________________________________________



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Check ONE:

                    __Artist: give a short description of your work & your media

                    __Vendor: give a general description of the products or services you are offering

Short Description:___________________________________________________________________________


____ $35 for a 12x12 space on Broad Street (includes cost of permit for Village of Greendale)


Payment is due no later than, Saturday August 5th, 2017
Payments must be made by check or money order; no cash or credit cards accepted.
                                           Make all checks payable to The Village of Greendale*
*in the memo field of the check, please write vendor name as it appears on this form to help with tracking payment


               Send Application & Payment to:

Historic Greendale Welcome Center
5680 Broad Street, Greendale, WI 53129

            *Event coordinator: Caitlyn White, Tourism Coordinator for Village of Greendale
                  & KitscheCoo Art & Craft Shed /

Event Date: Friday, September 15th 2017    5pm-9pm

Times of Participation:

A) Load in: Vendors can start setting up at 3:00PM & must be set up by 5PM.
B) All vendors are asked to be open from 5PM-9PM, weather permitting. Those
     who break down/leave early will not be asked to come back for future street fairs.
C) This is a “Rain or Shine” event. We regret that in the event of inclement weather,
      there will be NO refunds.


A) Each Artist/Vendor will be assigned one 12x12’ space in which to show their work / display their product or service. Each booth is directly next to another, so a 10x10 tent works best.
B) Artists/Vendors must supply their own tent, tables, chairs and other necessary equipment/fixtures for their display. *INCLUDING LIGHTING for tent
C) Artists/Vendors are responsible for setting up their display, maintaining & tearing down their own booth.

D) Participants must supply their own tools.
E) Booth placement is assigned, please check in to confirm your location when you arrive.
F) All participant setup must be done between the hours of 3PM-4:30PM.         

Vendors must be set up by 5PM.

Food & Beverages:
A) No alcoholic beverages may be brought into, or sold at the event. 

B) Food & Beverage Vendors are responsible for carrying their own permits/insurance and are responsible for adhering to all codes, laws and ordinances pertaining to their business.

To all Participants:
A) Organizers reserve the right to approve and/or reject Vendor applications. Vendors applications will be accepted on a case-by-case basis and approvals given in an effort to maintain the highest quality & variety of products.
B) No walk-in vendors, services or participants are allowed. All participants must be pre-registered.
C) Signs are permitted only in your assigned space. No additional signage is permitted on, or around the grounds.
D) Active solicitation outside your booth is not permitted. This includes, but is not limited to, handing out materials on the grounds or placing flyers on the cars. 
E) Any prize give-aways or drawings must be registered and approved in advance by the event management.
F) No excessive noise or live animals are permitted. 

*I agree to protect, indemnify, and hold harmless, The Village of Greendale, The Historic Greendale Welcome Center & KitscheCoo Art & Craft Shed and/or partners of any of the aforementioned entities, from and against any and all causes of action, claims, demands, suits, liability or expense by reason of loss or damage to property or bodily injury to any person, including death, as a direct or indirect result of use of any rented or occupied booth space, or in connection with any action or omission of the rental who shall defend any of the aforementioned business or personal entities in such cause of action or claim.


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