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Mission of the Greendale Public Library

We strive to transform lives and strengthen our community by creating a safe, welcoming, and inclusive home for information, learning, inspiration, and connection.

Vision of the Greendale Public Library
An inspired and connected community of lifelong learners

Values of the Greendale Public Library
Learning - We provide equal access to resources and opportunities for life-long learning for all.
Curiosity – We inspire curiosity, creativity and innovation.
Service - We work together as a team to deliver superior customer service that is personal, respectful and meets the changing needs of our community.
Community – We partner with our community to create connections and community engagement.

History of the Greendale Public Library

old library

The first Greendale Library opened on October 17, 1938 in the North Wing of the Community Building. The library collection was approximately 3,000 books, Pat Goetsch (n. Moran) was the first person to borrow a book, and a total of 295 books were checked out on opening day.

The Greendale Board of Education determined the budget services of the library in its beginning days. With the remodeling of the Intermediate School in 1969, the library was moved to Greendale High School. However, in 1971 a new Wisconsin State law said that school districts could no longer operate “Public Libraries” and that a library board needed to be formed to oversee its operation.

The Greendale Library Board was established and on July 1, 1974 the first non-school site public library in the Village of Greendale opened at a rented space at 5666 Broad St. It was a 4,000 square foot facility, able to house approximately 35,000 volumes. For years it was the only store front library in the State of Wisconsin. As space needs increased a Library Building Committee was formed. In the spring of 1989 the Village board purchased Drews Dime Store Building, originally built in 1938 as a food, variety and drug store cooperative. This would be the new site for the public library, the Greendale Health Department, the Greendale Historical Society and a community meeting room. The building was to be known as the Municipal building.

After sixteen year and four months of service in the rented space the Greendale Library moved its remodeled space on December 12, 1990. 

Source: Dave Miller-

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