Community Health Assessment (CHA)
Community Health Improvement Process (CHIP)

What is a CHA and a CHIP?
2020 CHA Summary
Community Health Initiatives & Workgroups

What is a CHA and a CHIP?

Wisconsin administrative code (DHS Chapter 140) requires all local health departments to complete a Community Health Assessment(CHA) and subsequent Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) at least every 5 years.

1. Community Health Assessment (2020 and previous years located in Department Documents)
    • A report compiling data on health outcomes and factors that affect health outcomes for everyone living in Greendale.
    • Below is a summary of the 2020 Community Health Assessment.  Please call 414-423-2110 with any questions!
2. Community Health Improvement Plan (2021 and previous years located in Department Documents)
    • Data from the Community Health Assessment and community input is analyzed to determine key health focus areas.
    • Volunteer workgroups are formed around each focus area that work to address the health issue over 5 years.



2020 CHA Executive Summary2 (1)

2021-2025 CHIP Document (1) - Copy

2023 Virtual CHIP Summit: On 2/23/2023, about 30 members from our workgroups, staff, stakeholders, partners, and community members joined together, virtually (Thanks February Snow Storm!) to learn more about health equity, family, youth, and community engagement, and the Healthy Brain Initiative.  The morning was spent building our understanding, brainstorming ideas, and listening to each other's input.  The time contributed to this project is greatly appreciated by our staff. 
-  Materials from the CHIP Summit can be located in the Public Health Resources section of Department Documents