Greendale CHA and CHIP


Community Health Assessment (CHA)
Community Health Improvement Process (CHIP)

Wisconsin administrative code (DHS Chapter 140) requires all local health departments to complete a Community Health Assessment and subsequent Community Health Improvement Plan at least every 5 years.

1. Community Health Assessment
    • A report compiling data on health outcomes and factors that affect health outcomes for everyone living in Greendale
2. Community Health Improvement Plan
    • Data from the Community Health Assessment and community input is analyzed to determine key health focus areas
    • Volunteer workgroups are formed around each focus area that work to address the health issue over 5 years

Greendale Health Department was due for an updated Community Health Assessment in 2020 and will start a new Community Health Improvement Plan in 2021. Below is a summary of the 2020 Community Health Assessment. The full report can be found under Department Documents. Please call 414-423-2110 with any questions!



2020 CHA Executive Summary2 (1)

2021-2025 CHIP Document (1) - Copy