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Quarantine updates

Quarantine Updates
While a 14-day quarantine is still the safest option, this new guidance takes into account emerging scientific evidence on quarantine periods, and recognizes the difficulty many Wisconsinites may have complying with the full 14-day quarantine.

DHS now allows that people who do not develop symptoms can end their quarantine:

  • After completing day 10 of quarantine without testing.
  • After completing day 7 of quarantine and receiving a negative test result (molecular or antigen) that was collected within 48 hours of the end of quarantine.

People must continue to monitor for symptoms for the full 14 days. If symptoms develop following the end of quarantine, people are advised to immediately isolate, contact their health care provider, and get tested.

To view information from Wisconsin Department of Health Services- click here
To view Greendale Health Department's tip sheet- click here

 Greendale Health Department and COVID-19 Vaccines:

The Greendale Health Department is working extremely hard to get our community vaccinated. COVID-19 vaccination is now on going in the Village of Greendale. We request vaccine weekly, but we are not guaranteed doses. 

At this time demand is greater than supply across the United States. Until more vaccine is available, the state of Wisconsin is following prioritization guidelines from the federal Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) and the State Disaster Medical Advisory Committee (SDMAC). The Greendale Health Department follows the guidelines given by the state of Wisconsin. We cannot speak to the actions of other agencies.

If you would like more information on the currently eligible population, please go to: COVID-19: Am I Eligible for the Vaccine? 
The Greendale Health Department is committed to the equitable and fair distribution of the vaccine and is following prioritization guidelines.
Please do not pass up an opportunity to receive a vaccine from someplace that currently has available vaccine. So far, we have received a limited supply of vaccine on a weekly basis, and we are not guaranteed any future doses that we request. We will not schedule any appointments before knowing our vaccine supply for that week.

Our COVID-19 Response:

The Greendale Health Department has been working hard since the start of the pandemic to protect those who live, work, and spend time in our community. Our actions include:

  • Hosted the first mobile vaccination team in Wisconsin to assist in vaccinating healthcare providers 
  • Continue to provide community vaccination clinics to over 3,500 individuals between January 27 and March 29, 2021.
  • Organized a Wisconsin National Guard-supported COVID-19 testing site 
  • Reached out to interview and conduct contact tracing with over 1,000 residents who tested positive for COVID-19 (ongoing)
  • Designed and distributed coasters and fliers with messages encouraging masking, distancing, and hand washing to local businesses and schools
  • Worked with local schools and businesses to protect students and employees 
  • Kept the community informed about the pandemic through weekly statistics 
  • Handled calls and offered guidance to many concerned citizens

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