Animal Bites


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If a bite or scratch happens:

  • If it was not your animal that bit you and they are a pet, get contact information of owner and veterinarian clinic.
  • Wash the wound thoroughly with soap and water as soon as possible
  • Contact your doctor
  • A tetanus booster may be needed
  • Starting the rabies series should be considered if the animal was not up-to-date on the vaccine (contact vet to be sure)
  • Report the incident to the Greendale Police Department and the Greendale Health Department
For more information:

What You Need to Know if Your Cat or Dog Bites Someone:
Wisconsin state law (SS 95.21) requires that any dog or cat which bites a person be quarantined for ten days so that it can be observed for signs of rabies.
*Note that the information in this brochure applies only to dogs
and cats that have bitten a person, and that the requirements of the quarantine vary depending on whether the animal is current on its rabies immunizations.(4/20/22)  
Click here for brochure about the 10-day quarantine requirement

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Rabies is a viral infection which affects the nervous system, brain, and spinal cord.  It affects all warm-blooded animals.  It is passed on by the virus getting into an open cut or wound from an infected animal.  The best way to reduce the spread and risk of rabies is to make sure your pets are vaccinated against rabies.  Be sure to keep the rabies certificate number and vet contact information.  Getting your pet vaccinated against rabies may help to keep you, your pet, and others safe and healthy.  Not only is this important if your pet bites or scratches you or someone else, but also if your pet gets bit by another animal (pet or wild). Rabies can take up to 50 days before symptoms show, once symptoms show there is less help that can be provided. (4/20/22)  

**Bat bites can be very small and you may not feel it- if you find a bat in your home, talk to your healthcare provider or a public health professional and have the bat captured for possible rabies testing.  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:  Rabies and Bats