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The Greendale School District provides student with access to the services of a district nurse.

Kelley Kraninger RN, BSN
District Nurse, Greendale School District

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Protecting Yourself, Family, and Community with a Flu Vaccine is More Important Than Ever This Year

As the flu season begins and communities continue to combat the COVID-19 virus, the Greendale Health Department would like to encourage you and your family to get a flu vaccine.  It is more important than ever this year. By getting vaccinated, you can prevent one respiratory virus, influenza, also known as the flu, from circulating at the same time as another respiratory virus, COVID-19. A flu vaccine offers the best defense against flu and its potentially serious consequences and can also reduce the spread of flu to others.  Getting vaccinated has been shown to reduce flu illnesses, doctor’s visits, missed work and school days, and reduce the risk of flu-related hospitalizations and deaths.

The Greendale Health Department is offering free flu shots or flu mist for children age 6 months and up (quantities limited), as well as adult flu vaccine for $30.  Visit to schedule an appointment.  For more information, check out this CDC Flu Guide for Parents



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