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What is SAGE?

SAGE stands for Successful Aging in Greendale for Everyone.
Group of passionate volunteers supported by the Greendale Health Department to find and implement ways to support seniors and their caregivers in our community. 

Mission:  SAGE will support innovative ideas to promote healthy and productive lives for Greendale residents especially older adults

 Vision: Greendale will be an age-friendly community where everyone can age successfully


 A livable community is one that is safe and secure, has
affordable and appropriate housing and transportation options, and offers
supportive community features and services.

The Greendale Health Department provides leadership for this multi-year initiative. The SAGE Workgroup, made up of Greendale residents, members of community non-profits, representatives from the Board of Health and area businesses, will be responsible for implementation of the Village of Greendale’s Livable Community Action Plan.

Take a look at the Village of Greendale's Livable Communities Action Plan


If you are a Greendale Resident a newsletter gets delivered to you every few months called "The Village Views".  You may have noticed that some issues have an extra page inserted and those are included for your review.  SAGE creates a page to go in these newsletters several times a year to share relevant information about aging. More recently you will find information and resources about issues that impact older adults included in the Village Views itself. Not everyone has access to a computer and this helps spread information to those who don't. Check out previous SAGE pages by clicking the links below!

Note: These resources listed are from past issues of the SAGE Page in the Village Views. For the most current information regarding services and resources for older adults, please contact: Milwaukee County DHHS Division on Aging (414-289-6874)

 Organizations and services will always continue to evolve. As we create new SAGE Pages with pertinent information on services, they can be posted to replace the older ones. This will help keep the website as up to date as possible.

Click HERE to read about scam prevention
Click HERE to read about medication and talking to your doctor
Click HERE to read about palliative care
Click HERE to read about aging myths
Click HERE to read about how to love your brain
Click HERE to read about senior resources 
Click HERE to read about activities and resources while staying safe at home
Click HERE to read about physical activity
Click HERE to read about transportation

*The current volunteer transportation resource is Eras Senior Network, 414-488-6500, 

If you have an idea for a topic this page could address, call the Greendale Health Department at 414-423-2110.

Dementia Friendly Greendale

Learn more about the efforts of SAGE's Dementia Friendly Greendale Subcommittee HERE


The Greendale Memory Cafe is starting back up!!!!! Cafés offer people with dementia and their care partners the opportunity to enjoy regular, enjoyable social interaction with others in similar circumstances in a safe, welcoming environment. Memory cafés do not require people to present a diagnosis at the door! Rather, they advertise themselves as being for people living with memory loss and other symptoms of dementia. Call the Greendale Health Department at 414-423-2110 to register. See the Facebook Page Greendale Memory Cafe
Memory Cafe Flyer (3)

 Access the Health Department Event Calendar HERE for upcoming opportunities

AARP Friendly Voice

AARP launched “AARP Friendly Voice” as sometimes just hearing a friendly voice on the other end of the line can help in challenging times. AARP Friendly Voices are trained AARP volunteers who will provide a call to say “Hello”. You can click HERE to fill out an online form or call 1-888-281-0145 to request an AARP Friendly Voice phone call. You can also fill this online form on behalf of someone you think would enjoy a call! 

This is open to ALL ages and no cost. Feel free to also share this with your friends and family.   

Caregiver Stress and Elder Abuse
(Information from the National Institute on Aging)

The mistreatment of older adults can be by family members, strangers, health care providers, caregivers, or friends. Abuse can happen to any older adult, but often affects those who depend on others for help with activities of everyday life. Learn how to recognize some of the signs of elder abuse so you can step in and help. For example, you may notice that the older adult:

  • Seems depressed, confused, or withdrawn
  • Appears dirty, underfed, or dehydrated
  • Has unexplained bruises, burns, cuts, or scars
  • Has unpaid bills or recent changes in banking or spending patterns 

Learn more about the signs of elder abuse,
how to get help for elder abuse,
how to spot elder abuse as a long-distance caregiver
and check out the National Institute on Aging's infographic
caregiver stressflyer idea


Pick up a copy of our rack card (from the Greendale Welcome Center or Health Department) to learn more about SAGE and share with your family and friends!
SAGE Rack Card 1

SAGE Rack Card 2


  Congrats Village of Greendale!                         
AARP awarded the Village of Greendale a highly competitive $7,500 grant!  The funding was used to purchase and install benches and directional signage on some of the walking paths.  Additionally, an updated walking path map was created and printed.  The Greendale Health Department, Department of Public Works, Greendale School District and Girl Scout Troop 8035, led by Aleks Skibicki worked together to accomplish these goals.  Older adult focus groups held in 2018 pinpointed the need for the additional benches, directional signage and a new walking path map.

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livable community is one that is safe and secure, has
affordable and appropriate housing and transportation options, and offers
supportive community features and services.