Greendale Tax Season

Tax Season

Updated 1/27/2021

2020 Tax forms currently available at GPL:

  1. 1040 & 1040-SR Forms & Booklet-OUT OF STOCK
  2. 1040 & 1040-SR Instructions -OUT OF STOCK
  3. NOTICE 1451- Errata sheet for the Instructions for Forms 1040 and 1040-SR, IRA Deduction Worksheet-- Schedule 1, Line 19- OUT OF STOCK             
  1. Form 1-Wisconsin Income Tax Form
  2. Form 1-Wisconsin Income Tax Form Instructions
  3. Form 1 NPR- Nonresident and Part-Year Resident Income Tax Return Form
  4. Schedule AD Form -Additions to Income--OUT OF STOCK
  5. Schedule AD Instructions--OUT OF STOCK
  6. Schedule SB Form -Subtractions from Income
  7. Schedule SB Instructions
  8. Schedule WD Form -Capital Gains and Losses
  9. Schedule WD Instructions
  10. H & H-EZ Schedules & Instructions -Wisconsin Homestead Credit
  11. Rent Certificate

If you need another form that is not listed here, ask for help printing it at the Information Desk.

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