Greendale Juveniles


Juveniles charged with violating a Village of Greendale ordinance will receive a citation, which indicates a specific date for appearance. All juvenile proceedings are confidential and held in the Judge’s chambers.

When you arrive at the Courthouse, you should register with the Court Clerk. You will meet with the Village Attorney to discuss your case.  After meeting with the Village Attorney, you will appear before the judge and asked to enter a plea of not guilty, no contest, or guilty.

If you wish to enter a not guilty plea without appearing in Court for your initial appearance, you must mail, fax, or email your not guilty plea to the Court prior to the scheduled date. If you enter a not guilty plea by mail, fax or email, provide your name, current mailing address, current telephone number, and the citation number.

If you plead either no contest or guilty, the Judge will find you guilty and impose a sentence. Usually, the sentence will be imposed the same night as the initial appearance.  A plea of no contest means you are telling the Court that you are not admitting you are guilty but there is enough evidence to find you guilty. A plea of guilty means that you are telling the Court you are guilty as charged. If you are found guilty after entering a no contest plea, that finding cannot be used against you as an admission of guilt if you appear in any other court action.

If you fail to appear in Court for your initial appearance, and you have not entered a written plea of not guilty, paid the deposit amount of your citation, or obtained a continuance for another date, the Court will either issue a warrant for your arrest or enter a default judgment against you.  You will receive a notice of default judgment in the mail.

If you fail to comply with the sentence imposed by the Court, you must re-appear in municipal court on the review date. You will have an opportunity to explain your failure to comply with the Court's order. Failure to comply with a Court order may lead to a suspension of your driver's license or other consequences.

You may have an attorney assist you, but you will have to provide your own attorney. The Court will not appoint an attorney for you.