Complaint Procedures

By state law citizens have the right to file complaints against police officers and the police department must have a policy on how complaints are handled.

In cases of minor complaints or questions about a traffic stop, you can call the station and request to speak with the on duty supervisor. In minor complaints the supervisor will try to answer your questions and concerns. If necessary, the supervisor will take down the information, speak with the officer and get back in contact with you to answer your questions, and bring your concerns to the attention of the officer.

By state law, citizens can file a formal complaint against an officer. It is the policy of this department to accept, investigate and resolve any complaints filed by a citizen regarding the conduct of our law enforcement officers as well as civilians employed by the police department. Complaints from an anonymous source will be accepted only if the complaint has sufficient factual information to warrant an investigation. A supervisor will accept all complaints with civility and courtesy. Citizens, when making a formal complaint, can contact the on duty supervisor and make an appointment to meet with them, or come into the station and ask to speak with the on duty supervisor. Citizens can also call the station and request from the on duty supervisor that complaint forms be sent to them. When the forms are complete they can either be brought into the station or mailed to the Office of the Chief of Police. All written complaints will be assigned to a supervisor for a complete investigation and forwarded to the Office of the Chief. After a complete investigation and review of the complaint, the citizen shall be informed in writing as to the outcome of his/her complaint.

Pursuant to section 62.13(5) of the Wisconsin Statutes you may, as an alternative, file your complaint with the Board of Police and Fire Commissioners. The complaint forms are available from any on duty supervisor 24 hours a day. The complaint will then be forwarded to the Chief of Police for investigation and resolution. If the matter is not resolved, the complainant may request a formal hearing before the Board of Police and Fire Commission.

Citizen Complaint form