Village Hall Update

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APRIL 12, 2024

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Village Board Meeting in Review
At the April 1, 2024 Board meeting the Board approved the following items:

  • A resolution extending the time period that the Village can recognize reimbursable grant revenues within the fiscal year.  This will ensure revenues are applied to the year that the funds were expended.
  • A revised Procurement card policy and procedure manual for staff.
  • A donation agreement with the Greendale Trail Association regarding bicycle accommodations on Grange Avenue. 
  • A resolution authorizing staff to apply for DNR grant funding for the Community Center Playground Rehabilitation.

April 16, 2024 Village Board Meeting Preview
The Board will consider approving:

  • The purchase of a new patrol truck chassis for the Department of Public Works.
  • A resolution authorizing the issuance of $4,270,000 general obligation promissory notes for the 2024 and 2025 Capital Improvement projects.
  • A quote to replace the Hose Tower flooring.
  • An amendment to the fee schedule to update Health Department fees.
  • Special event permit requests from Greendale Park and Recreation for the Hallowings event and the Halloween parade.
  • The quote for the 4th of July fireworks vendor.
The Village Manager will present a summary of the results from employee stay interviews that were conducted.  The Village Board will also discuss the Village Manager's 2nd Quarter goals and objectives.

To view the full agenda and packet (NEW! The full Village Board packet can now be accessed from the Village website)  


Upcoming Road Construction Projects:
Grange Avenue - Reminder Grange Avenue is closed between 76th Street - 84th Street and will be closed through August for the road rehabilitation project.  There is still access available to Ridgedale Apartments You can find more information on the project here.

2024 Road Rehabilitation projects - The other 2024 projects will begin in May.  Those who will be directly impacted by the work will receive notices prior to work beginning.  For more information on the 2024 projects click here.


GEA Resale - Saturday April 20th and Sunday April 21st at Greendale High School, For more information please click here.

Petpalooza - Saturday May 18th, Downtown Greendale.  For more information please click here.

2024 Event Calendar magnets are available at Village Hall, the Library, the Welcome Center and at the Downtown businesses.

For upcoming event information please visit the Greendale Community Event calendar.