Village President

Greendale Village Hall
6500 Northway
Greendale, WI 53129
Telephone: (414) 423-2100

Role of the Village President
The Village President is a Trustee of the Board and is able to vote on all matters.  The Village President has certain statutory duties, including presiding at all Board meetings and signing ordinances, resolutions, etc. authorized by the Board.  The President is able to appoint individuals to various Board and Committees. Like the other Village Board members, the Village President is not a full-time employee of the Village and does not maintain regular hours at Village Hall, but the Village President is available by appointment.

Village Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Your Voice, Create a Vision
You can make a difference by becoming a volunteer member of a Village advisory committee, board or commission. These bodies provide advice to the Village Board and contribute to the development of policies, programs and initiatives. The Village can benefit greatly from your expertise, enthusiasm and civic pride. Get involved and play an active role.