Greendale 2022 Capital Projects - Road Rehabilitation, Street Lighting, Water Mains and Pathways

2022 Capital Projects - Road Rehabilitation, Street Lighting, Water Mains and Pathways

In the Budget the Village Board added approximately $5 million in additional funding for Capital projects in 2022.  The additional funding will help the Village catch up on deferred maintenance for road rehabilitation, street lighting, water mains and pathways.  A list of projects were bid out, including a number of alternate projects that would be considered depending on how bid pricing came in.   The Board reviewed and approved the bids at their meeting on February 15th.  All projects that were bid out will be completed in 2022.

These projects include (Map may be found here):
  • Garden Lane (roadway & water main)
  • Olympia Lane (roadway & water main)
  • Bentwood Lane (roadway & water main)
  • Gladstone Lane (roadway)
  • Thornapple Drive (roadway)
  • W. Edgerton Drive (roadway)
  • Fielding Lane (roadway - curb/gutter)
  • Greenhill Lane (roadway)
  • Parkview Road - Fleetwood Ct - Firwood Ln (roadway)
  • Parkview Road - Parkview Rd - S. 76th St (roadway)
  • Middleton Drive (roadway)
  • S. Middleton Court (roadway)
  • Municipal Parking Lot (overlay with base repair & lighting)
  • Remove College Park tennis courts and restore with grass
  • Pathways at the Community Center
  • Village Center - East (street lighting)
  • Misc. water main and road patching improvements
Residents that will be directly impacted by the work will receive notification before work begins. If you reside at any of the streets being rehabilitated, please know we will do our best to assist the public with any inconveniences.  At times there will be limited access to driveways and parking.  We will work with the Greendale Police Department for resident overnight parking issues.

Staff is currently working with the awarded contractor to schedule preconstructions meetings to get a better idea of a starting date and when the streets above will be affected. This project will most likely start early spring and continue throughout the summer.  

Please know this is one of the largest rehabilitations projects the Village has awarded.  We are looking forward to the project and providing better roads and water mains for our residents.  We ask for your patience and understanding throughout this project.