Greendale Water Meter Replacement Project

Water Meter Replacement Project

The Village of Greendale will begin replacing residential water meters starting the week of August 22nd.  Replacement of the water meter is mandatory, takes about 25-35 minutes and is at no cost to the homeowner.  The Village of Greendale has contracted with Core & Main, and their installer Midwest Testing, to furnish new Sensus water meters.  All installers will have photo ids, uniform, travel in marked vehicles and have completed a background check.
The meter installation will start in the West side of the Village.  You will receive a welcome letter a few weeks  prior to the installers being in your area.  After that you will receive a letter with instructions on how to schedule an appointment for your water meter replacement.

Midwest Testing will need to gain entry to your home to access the water meter.  Most meters are located in the lower level of your home, or in a utility room.  An adult 18 years of age or older must be present at the time of installation.  The area around your water meter must be clear and accessible.  Your water service will be temporarily interrupted during the installation.  Failure to allow access to your meter and have your meter replaced could result in your water being shut off.

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