Court Clerk

The Municipal Court Clerk is responsible for overseeing and adjudicating all municipal citation(s) issued by the Village of Greendale Police Department. The court clerk does not provide legal advice. If you need legal advice, please contact a lawyer to represent you. 

Information available from the court clerk includes:

  • Explaining and answering questions about how the court works.
  • Giving you general information about court rules, procedures, and practices.
  • Providing court schedules and getting a hearing scheduled.
  • Providing information from a case file as long as the case is not confidential.
  • Providing you with court forms and instructions that are available and checking your forms for completeness.
  • Giving information about court deadlines.

Court clerk cannot:

  • Recommend what actions you could / might take.
  • Recommend what words to use in your court papers or what to say in court.
  • Research or interpret the law for you.
  • Apply the law to the facts of your case.
  • Let you talk to the Judge outside of court or talk to the Judge for you.
  • Take sides in a case.
  • Change an order signed by the Judge.

Court Clerk Contact Information

For questions pertaining to your court appearance or general court questions, contact the Municipal Court Clerk by the following options:

  • Phone: (414) 423-2127 - You may need to leave a voicemail; if so, the court clerk will return your call. Make sure to talk slow and clear when leaving a voice message. Please provide the following information:
    • First and Last name.
    • Phone number.
    • Citation number if available.
    • A brief explanation as to why you are calling the court.
  • Email:
    • First and Last name.
    • Current address.
    • Phone number.
    • Citation number if available.
    • The reason you are emailing the court.
  • Mail: Greendale Safety Center, Attn: Court Clerk, 5911 West Grange Ave., Greendale, WI 53129.
    • First and Last name.
    • Current address.
    • Phone number.
    • Email if available.
    • Citation number if available.
    • The reason you are writing a letter to the court.