Village Comprehensive Plan


The Village has adopted a comprehensive plan that satisfies the State’s “Smart Growth” Law and, more importantly, helps guide Greendale into the future. A Comprehensive Plan is a very important document that establishes a community vision, lays out future land use, and identifies issues and opportunities for the future of Greendale. 

According to s. 66.1001, Wis. Stats., beginning on January 1, 2010, if a town, village, city, or county engages in official mapping, subdivision regulation, or zoning, those actions must be consistent with that community's comprehensive plan. The Wisconsin Comprehensive Planning Law (s. 66.1001) does not mandate how a local community should grow, rather it requires public participation at the local level in deciding how a community wants to look and be in the future. 

While a local government may choose to include additional elements, a comprehensive plan must include AT LEAST all of the below nine elements as defined by the Comprehensive Planning Law. 

• Issues and Opportunities 
• Housing 
• Transportation 
• Utilities and Community Facilities 
• Agricultural, Natural and Cultural Resources 
• Economic Development 
• Intergovernmental Cooperation 
• Land Use 
• Implementation 
Village of Greendale Comprehensive Plan: 2010-2035 
Revisiting a Greenbelt Community 
Adopted: November 17, 2009 

Click the links below for more information on the Village Comprehensive Plan. You can download the entire plan as a single document or download individual chapters. 

In 2019 the Village went through to make an updated comprehensive plan, per Wisconsin Statutes.  Below is the updated version that was adopted on November 19, 2019. The original version is also available for viewing below.