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Greendale Candidate Forum
The Greendale Chamber of Commerce is conducting the annual Candidate Forum for Village Trustee candidates on March 29, 2017 from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. at the Hose Tower (5699 Parking Street).  

Attached is the press release from the Chamber of Commerce.
Strategic Planning Process
The Village Board has prepared a draft of a strategic plan for the Village of Greendale.  The plan has been available on the website for a few months in order to gain public input.  The Village Board will hold a public hearing on Tuesday February 21st to gather additional input before finalizing the plan.  For more information click here.
St. Stephen the Martyr - Cell Tower Proposal

The Village is reviewing a proposal to install a wireless tower facility on property owned by St. Stephen the Martyr Lutheran Church at 6101 South 51st Street.

The state legislature significantly altered local authority to regulate cell tower siting in 2013.  In 2013 as part of the biennial state budget bill, the State Legislature created section 66.0404 of the Wisconsin Statutes, which clearly imposed new and significant limits on the manner and extent to which a city, village, town or county may use its zoning authority to regulate the siting and modification of cell towers.

Property Tax Bills
Property tax bills are now available for viewing online. The tax bills were mailed out on December 9th.  For information on taxes please visit the Clerk-Treasuer's page.

A Village-wide revaluation was completed this year to bring properties in line with current market conditions.  Notice of assessment changes were mailed out in the summer and assessments were finalized earlier this year and can no longer be changed.  If your property value increased in value at a greater percentage than the average property, then you will see an increase in your tax bill. Attached is a tax bill comparison chart from 2015 to 2016, which shows the average changes in property tax bills.
Greendale/Hales Corner Combined Dispatch
On February 1, 2017 the emergency services dispatch centers for the Village of Greendale and the Village of Hales Corners will combine into one emergency dispatch center in a cooperative effort to become more efficient, provide a higher level of service and save money for both communities, while maintaining each municipality's indepdent identity. Please see the attached press release for additional information!
2017 Adopted Budget
The Village Board adopted the 2017 Village Budget at their meeting held on November 15, 2016.  Attached is a copy of the adopted budget.
Strategic Planning Process
The Village has been working on a draft of a strategic plan.  The Village leadership has finalized a working draft and is now seeking input from the public.  Please click here for additional information.
The Rock Sports Complex
Many residents have been inquiring to the Village regarding developments at The Rock Sports Complex in Franklin.  Click here for information on the proposal as it moves through the City of Franklin review process.
2016 Revaluation Project

Notice of Changed Assessments are being mailed out July 22nd. For more information please click here.

Village Board Approves New Apartment Complex
General Capital Group and Robert Joseph Properties proposal for an apartment complex for the east side of the JC Penney property at Southridge Mall was approved by the Village Board on June 7th.
Communications Project
As part of the Fire Station construction project the Village is installing an underground communication facilities link from the Safety Center to Village Hall.
Home Security Handbook
The Police Department has put together a Home Security handbook to assist residents with reducing the chance of being burglarized, click here for additional information.
Sendiks and Marcus Theatres
These two new projects are proposed for construction in 2016.  Click here for additional information.
Strategic Planning Process
At the September 15th Board meeting the Board decided to begin a strategic planning process that would be facilitated by Dr. William Hughes.
Water Lateral Insurance
The Village is receiving calls regarding a recent mailing from a private company about obtaining water lateral insurance coverage.  Please see the attached press release from 2013 for more information.
Unused Prescription Medication Collection
The Police Department is still collecting unused prescription medication, but there are some changes to the program.  See the attached press release for more information.
Proposed Canterbury Heights Downtown Greendale Revitalization Project

At the August 6th Community Development Authority (CDA) Meeting the CDA recommended a tentative Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) boundary for downtown Greendale. 

Recall Notice - Fire Alarm/Carbon Monoxide Detectors Please see the Fire Department page for information on this recall.
Garbage Carts are now available
For more information on how to purchase a garbage cart please click here.