Property Code Enforcement Program

The Village of Greendale was awarded Community Development Block Grant funds to initiate a property code enforcement program in 2023. The purpose of the program is to address property maintenance  concerns and to safeguard property values and the quality of neighborhoods.

The Village has hired a part-time Code Enforcement Officer, Kevin Stowe, who works in the Inspections Department and follow-ups on code complaints  and conduct exterior assessments of all properties in the Village from the roadside or sidewalk.

The Village Board has recognized the following as high-priority areas of concern that will be reviewed as part of the exterior inspection program:
  • Junk and debris in yard
  • Junk vehicles in driveway
  • Broken or damaged windows
  • Large amounts of chipped/peeling paint and graffiti
  • Structure damage/disrepair
  • Missing address numbers
Property owners who receive a violation notice will be given a period of time to bring the property into compliance. Please note that income-qualified homeowners may be eligible for low-interest loans for property maintenance work through the Milwaukee County Home Repair program - click here to view a brochure.

For any inquiries regarding this program or if you wish to report a code violation or have any questions about the exterior inspection program, please contact Kevin Stowe, the Code Enforcement Officer, at (414) 423-2100 ext. 3112. If you wish to submit a property code complaint, click here.