Village, School District Working Together on Park and Recreation Space Planning

Greendale boasts over 1,100 acres of parkland and open spaces. From neighborhood-scale parks to large community-wide parks, these greenspaces are unique to the community and an asset to the quality of life for residents here. Our park and recreation spaces are part of what makes Greendale special and our community leaders are committed to making them even better.

The Village of Greendale and Greendale Schools are collaborating to gather public input and develop recommendations for future park and recreation improvements in the community. The project will result in the creation of both a School District Athletic/Recreational Facilities Study as well as a Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (CORP). The studies will be conducted by Vandewalle and Associates (Urban Planning) and Groth Design Group (Architects and Designers). This webpage contains information about this process, including background information, project timeline, and important updates.

Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (CORP)

The CORP will be the first of its kind for Greendale! It will take a full inventory and assessment of current park and recreation assets, obtain public input and develop recommendations and a future capital improvement schedule for the parks. CORPs follow Wisconsin Chapter NR 50, Administration of Outdoor Recreation Programs Grants and State Aids.

The adoption of a CORP is a prerequisite for participation in the state’s Outdoor Recreation Grant programs and a required component of federal applications for parks and recreation grant funding. The Village of Greendale CORP will be constructed consistent with NR 50. Once adopted, a CORP must be updated every five years.

Public Participation

  • Community Engagement Session – All members of the public are encouraged to attend a Community Engagement Session on Wednesday, July 12, 2023 at 6 p.m. in the Greendale High School cafeteria. Attendees will have an opportunity to provide feedback on what the community's needs are and ideas for improvement. To view the Community Engagement Session flyer, click here

  • Park & Recreation Survey – Community members will be requested to respond to a survey regarding current park and recreation facility uses and preferences for future amenities and improvements. The survey will be available online and in hard copy. It will be open July 12-August 7, 2023. More information will be about the survey will be published in the Village Views newsletter, this webpage, and on social media.

  • Ad/Hoc Committee -  A Park & Recreation Ad Hoc Committee was established by the Greendale Schools Board of Education to engage community members of many ages and experiences to review the current state of our parks and spaces and determine next steps to support programming and community indoor and outdoor recreation needs.  The Greendale Schools Ad Hoc Team will report to the School Board this Fall on the following goals: 
    1. Revisit the Park and Recreation Department Mission: The Greendale Park and Recreation Department is to provide comprehensive programs, services, facilities, activities and life-long learning opportunities to enrich the quality of life in the Greendale community.
    2. Assess the Facility Conditions of Indoor and Outdoor Recreation Spaces in order to support community programming.  
    3. Advise on future programming priorities for the Park and Recreation Department
  • Stakeholder Meetings – The project consultants will be holding a series of meetings with specific community groups based on demographics and/or their specific involvement with organized park/recreation activities in the community.

Project Timeline

  • May 2023 – Project Kickoff and Data Gathering
  • June 2023 – Site Visits and Stakeholder Meetings
  • July 12, 2023 – Community Engagement Session at 6 p.m. in the Greendale High School Cafeteria
  • July/August, 2023 – Community Survey
  • August/September 2023 – First Drafts of Plans
  • October 2023 – Second Drafts of Plans
  • November 2023 – Final Drafts Presented
  • December 2023 – Plans Adopted

Additional Information/Resources